About Us

Looking towards the future


INAZ is one of the most significant player in the Italian contest of software and services for staff administration and human resources management.

Human Energy


Inaz helps release the energy of people at work, through solutions, services and instruments that make an organisation function and empower individuals.

Why Us


The first Italian company to deal with Human Resources management since 1948. We started from the old paper docket, over time we created all the software and hardware tools that are used to manage and administer human resources.

Research & Development

Ricerca-e-Sviluppo s

Innovation is part of our DNA. Always to research and development activities dedicate energies and great care.

Studies Centre


Training and information on taxation, employment and welfare issues for HR professionals

Server Farm


The Server Farm Inaz is located at the headquarters in Milan. Houses the applications and the data used remotely by companies of all sizes and industries that use the SaaS services and outsourcing

Congress Centre


Modern and functional structure, specifically designed to hold events, the convention center Inaz enjoys a strategic location close to major connecting roads and is easily accessible by car or metro.