Offering Areas


Payroll and personnel administration

The most innovative solution for the administration of human resources, from payroll processing to business intelligence, updated in real time to reflect all legislative changes and the latest instructions.


Time & Attendance

The simplest way to manage the attendance and absences of employees, covering all variables, using innovative tools.


HR Management

HR Inaz is a package that manages and optimises the activities of company employees and the development of the organisation.


Business Intelligence

Inaz Analytics delivers the business intelligence you need. Just the job for unshackling the energy of your business.


Training and editorial services

Overall experience and results obtained from Inaz give life to an offer specialist training, extensive and advanced, aimed at those involved in administration and personnel management and want to invest in the growth of its human resources..


Employment/labour advisory services - INAZ PRO

Inaz Pro: assistance and legal representation - personell administration - outstanding advisory services.