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Technical browsing or session cookies



Strictly necessary for the website to operate or to allow users to use the content and services requested.

Analytics cookies



Used to collect data about users’ use of the website. No information about users’ identity or personal data is collected with these cookies. The information is processed in aggregate and anonymous form (tools that reduce cookies’ identification ability are used and third parties cannot cross-reference the information collected with other information already held).

Third-party profiling cookies (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube)



Third-party cookies are cookies from websites or servers other than INAZ’s, used for these third parties’ own purposes. INAZ cannot exercise any specific control over these entities and their cookies. For third-party cookies, users must refer directly to the methods for selecting and deselecting the various cookies, published in the information for users provided on the respective websites. Users can normally disable third-party cookies using the specific option in their own browser program.